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What is in biting now? Miami tarpon fishing is hot!

As seen in my fishing reports, the tarpon fishing has picked up early this year in my opinion. Usually we get the big migrating tarpon to arrive on Miami Beach sometime in late December or early January. It just so happened to be nice on December 7th and I was able to run the beach with a client. There was a school of tarpon that was a mile long. Must have already been 500 or more tarpon in in small schools all along the beach. Since then, if the weather lets you fish the beach, we have been getting lots of big tarpon.

Miami Fishing Guide

Choose Florida Native Charters as your Miami Fishing Guide for inshore flats fishing. Capt. Tom Weber will take you to the beautiful Biscayne Bay flats and National Park, which offer a wide range of exciting angling opportunities and your chance to catch a once in a lifetime fish.

As your Key Biscayne Fishing Guide, Captain Tom plans Fishing Charters in Miami, Biscayne Bay fishing charters and Key Biscayne fishing charters based on the experience and interests of the customer. Each trip is tailored to the Anglers specific needs and I always recommend asking for the best fish to target given the month and weather patterns during your trip.

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There are many miles of undisturbed flats where the water can be as clear as gin or as green as an emerald. You can spot bonefish, tarpon, permit, barracuda and shark 80-yards out on these clear, shallow flats. Once spotted, the careful stalk begins. Waiting for you on these miami flats are memorable fishing adventures for the beginner and the seasoned angler– both are welcomed.

Biscayne Bay, Miami is known for some of the largest Bonefish on earth. The average Biscayne Bay Bonefish weighs in at 8lbs with several world records taken over 16lbs. They are known for their ghost like habits and long drag screaming runs that reach 150 to 200 yards. Biscayne Bay, Miami is also a great place to find permit, tarpon, redfish, barracuda, snook, shark, grouper and lemon shark.

Fly Fishing in Biscayne Bay Miami is good all year long. March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November is by far the best and busiest times of year for South Florida’s Fishing guides. December, January and February still offer great shots at large schools of Bonefish that we find on the ocean side flats where the water temperature is slightly higher being warmed by the Gulf Stream. The colder months also bring incredible opportunities to catch barracuda and grouper in very shallow water. Ever catch a 20lb grouper in 3 feet of water? That is insanity at its best.

During the months of January through mid April Miami flats fishing really gets fun, the earths axis is at a position that enables us to see the flats in a clear, long distance perception. You can see across an entire flat that is “lit up” and this is quite an amazing experience to see your fish coming from a far distance. Miami tarpon fishing is also at it’s peak as the annual tarpon migration of breading fish gets here in January and lasts through July. Nothing really like seeing the silver king jump on the end of the line. It really gets the blood pumping! In June, Permit finish spawning on deep ocean wrecks and infiltrate the shallow flats of Biscayne Bay providing incredible shots at Permit on Fly. Biscayne Bay Bonefishing is excellent all year with the giants up to sixteen pounds in the colder months to our average eight to twelve pounds in the hot summer months.

Biscayne Bay National Park

As national parks go, Biscayne National Park is unconventional. It 95 percent water and is mostly accessible by boat.

The environmental movement in South Florida in the 1960s was primarily responsible for the establishment of the 172,971 acre protected preserve. It had become clear that the development of the shore was imminent and that sparked wide support for the protection of this beautiful place.

It is in every respect a marine wilderness and yet it is on the doorstep of a big city– Miami. That makes it easily accessible to travelers to Miami in a way that many other wilderness parks are not. It is one of Miami's main tourist attractions.

Thanks to flats fishing charter boat captains anyone can visit the park and its immediate surroundings.

Mangroves grow along much of the parks shore. They are an important link in the chain of life for many marine species. Their leaves and roots represent a platform for the growth of a variety vegetation that is food for various hatchlings.

The flats between the bay and ocean teem with life. The flats are wide, shallow banks. Tides race across them even on still days. Bonefish, permit and tarpon are the big three for sports fishermen on and around the flats. Sharks are common along with many other marine species. Keep in mind that the Gulf Stream is only a few miles offshore flowing up from the deep to curl out of the Caribbean between Florida and Cuba before it turning to follow the coast north.

You don't have to be an expert in fishing to visit Biscayne Bay. In fact, you don't have to fish at all, there is plenty to see– sea turtles, porpoise, manatee, big rays cruising the clear blue waters, birds and more birds. A few, rare saltwater crocodiles inhabit the area.The park extends offshore to about 60 feet of water.

The Keys National Marine Sanctuary is on the east and south side, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is to the south. In addition to sight seeing and fishing, there are great snorkeling opportunities in and around the park.


  • Went out on Saturday with Captain Tom Weber in search of tarpon and permit in Biscayne Bay just South of Miami Beach. Tom put us on a group of permit within 5 minutes of pulling into the first spot. The action was non-stop all morning. After hunting permit in the flats we went in search of tarpon. Tom's secret tarpon spot paid off and I landed my first tarpon, a giant which tipped the scales at over 80 pounds! Tom is one of the hardest working guides I've ever had the pleasure to fish with. I highly recommend contacting him if you are in the Miami area and are looking to go out for a day of fishing.
    Logan H.
  • Wanted to take my 10 year old son out for a half day of fishing in the bay near Key Biscayne. Tom started us out by putting us on a lemon shark that ended up being over 100 lbs and almost more than we could handle. After that it was off to fish with the lighter tackle for some grouper, snapper, etc. We literally sat for 2 hours and rarely did we not have at lease one fish on a hook at any given moment. Lots of great memories both of us. I could have spent the entire trip taking pictures of the smile on my son's face while Capt. Tom taught him technique and showed him the difference between the different kinds of fish he kept hauling up out of the water. Would definitely recommend Florida Native Charters to anyone.
    Trent Miracle
  • We had around 40 fish during the day. We enjoy or fishing day with captain Tom. Thanks a lot, we will do it again in March.
    Cezar Nissa
  • Hey Tom...hope all is well. Thanks for the best chartered fishing trip I've ever had in my are the man. That was hands down..a trip I'll never forget for he rest of my life.
    Pat Mcklusky
  • Tom, thanks again for another great experience this past Sunday! I really want access to that video you recorded of our fight with that tarpon. My back is still hurting! Which means I need more of that! I may be coming back last week of April. I will let you know as soon as I confirm it, ok? Thanks again and take care.