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Miami Shark Fishing

Miami Shark Fishing

Miami shark fishing on the Key Biscayne Bay flats is a specialty that gives anglers a close look at how sharks hunt in the bay. This kind of fishing takes a guide with extensive experience with sharks. The rewards in terms of action are big.

Key's to a successful trip turn on tides, chum and history. The quality of the chum can have big impact on results. History means your fishing guide is on Biscayne Bay routinely and knows where the action has been recently.

Lemon sharks, bull sharks and hammerheads cruise in Key Biscayne. Relatively light tackle is used to stalk them. Fly fishing for sharks is a special, rare opportunity created by the size and depth of the bay. Fly fishing anglers come from distant places to have a chance at hooking up with a bay shark.

Unlike offshore shark fishing, where you will probably not see much of shark until it is finally hauled to the transom, the angler on the Biscayne Bay flats can spot sharks coming to the bait from a considerable distance. Big sharks negotiating 18 inches of water is a sight worth the trip. It is not unusual for several sharks to respond to the chum at the same time. A number of these sharks are protected, but protected or not, Florida Native Charter has a catch and release policy returning these incredible marine athletes to the water to reproduce and fight again.